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In the spotlight!
Ferplast short holder Vip GM20 40 cm leather/stainless steel dark brown
€16,95 €12,25
TOM dog game 39 x 17 x 5 cm polypropylene blue/green
€19,95 €14,95
Ferplast birdcage Bali Antique 43,5 x 68,5 cm steel black/gold
€101,95 €74,95
Trixie dog cushion Vital polyester 90 x 60 cm grey
€126,95 €94,95
Ferplast scratching post Blanco 40 x 80 cm wood/sisal white/green
€146,95 €109,95
Rodents accommodations

You will find the perfect accommodation for your rodents here. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor cage, a transport box or other accommodation for your little friend, we have what you need. Take a quick look at our large assortment.

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Bird feed holder

The birds can get fed again! It is getting colder again and so the birds are getting closer to your home again. By feeding the birds you help them to get their food and you can enjoy them!

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Equestrian equipment

You feel completely comfortable when your horse and you are in perfect harmony. That's why we have a lot of products for the rider. Think of riding boots, caps, riding jackets and body protectors.

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